About Us

CHINA EP GEAR-RACK CO., LTD. is a company specializing in factory sales outsourcing and export service.
We specialize in network sales and international business import and export agency.



Our competitiveness:

1. Lowest profits and the highest quality.
2. Rich variety.
3. Good service including after-sale service with technique support.
4. Low Cost Operations

about the price

We’d like to give our customers more comprehensive information and more professional procurement advice.
Our price is discussed with the boss of the factory together.
We will provide the same price to the distributors in the same country.


No need to afraid of the after-sale service. We can make three-side agreement with the factory and customers.
We’d like to be a good service company, in the future, we want to create our own brand like Apple company.
Integrate more technology, spare parts procurement and assembly mode.

product & technology

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The reason for the unevenness of the helical rack

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