Air Compressor For Medical Apparatus And Instruments medical & Dental Air Compressors

Werther can manufacture a custom option for multiple compressed surroundings applications. We can customize any compressor to match all medical and healthcare needs. If you’re thinking about our medical grade air compressors, then ask for your quote today! These compressors are perfect for hospitals, dental offices, vet offices, and much more!

Medical Grade Air Compressors

Werther International’s goal is definitely to meet the high criteria demanded by the medical and dental care industry. Our atmosphere compressor items deliver the standard of air needed to maintain instruments clean and your patients safe. A dental atmosphere compressor is a essential part of a dentist office that must be reliable and able to withstand everyday make use of. Medical grade surroundings compressors are accustomed to drive pneumatic products in surgical areas, vital care areas, nurseries, operating areas, intensive care, post-operative treatment, emergency rooms and more.

Air Compressor Medical Applications

Our oil-free air flow compressors are perfect for these medical, oral, and other healthcare applications. Some common applications include:

Autoclaves, sterilizing

Dental milling machines

Patient simulators

Hospital headwalls

Medical gas booms


Chiropractic & physiotherapy tables

Endoscopy equipment

ENT air/vacuum aspirators

Evacuation/sealing/welding of bags/bottles (blood)

Hospital beds/chairs for air cushions

Mammography X-ray

Pumping of bandages (ambulances and physiotherapy)

Respiratory products, oxygen concentrators, nebulizers

Surgical instruments

Tire inflating of wheel chair tire