Finished bore sprockets offer increased prevention of shaft slippage more than minimum basic bore sprockets. Completed bores enable the roller chain sprocket to go larger loads with an increase of accuracy.

Toronto Gear Works produces ready-to-ship completed bore sprockets that are manufactured with precision and so are fast and easy to install. Our catalogue includes a variety of completed bore sprockets that may match many precise efficiency requirements.

Toronto Gear Works stocks steel completed bore roller chain sprockets for #25 (0.250” pitch) roller chain. We stock these metal sprockets in tooth counts which range from 9 to 72. Our finished bore sprockets with a 0.500” bore or smaller are given two set screws. Our completed bore sprockets with a 0.625” bore or greater have a standard keyway and two established screws. The keyway can be Drive Chain devoted to the tooth and the set screws can be found over the key at 90 degrees.

Steel finished bore #25 roller chain sprocket part numbers could be determined as follows:

25BF + Tooth Count + “x” + bore size.

An example will be 25BF72x1-3/8. This is for a #25 roller chain. It includes a “B” style sprocket which implies that it includes a hub. It includes a finished bore of just one 1.375” and it provides 72 teeth.