chain tensioning wheels are supplied because a established with integrated ball bearings. The bearings are sealed on both sides and lubricated for life, so they are maintenance-totally free. The wide inner ring ensures perfect installation without washers. Ball competition and sprocket are press-fitted to ensure a secure, long lasting connection. The sprocket is made from steel with a mechanical strength of 490-600 N/mm2.
These tensioning wheels are suitable for roller chains from size 06 B-1 to 20 B-1. Chain tensioning wheels for duplex roller chains and roller chains to ANSI standard (DIN 8188) can be found on request.
Application areas
To be utilized with roller chains DIN ISO 606, since tensioning wheel upon tensioning element, as spare wheel for chain tensioners or universally as return chain or tensioning wheel
Product specification
Ready-to-install chain tensioning wheel established filled with mounted ball bearing
Tensioning components and sprockets constitute a complete, ready-to-install, continually-tensioning torsion chain tensioner
In order to get a full chain tensioner both tensioning component and sprocket have to be ordered
Can be mounted at the deflection and tensioning Chain Tensioning Wheels With Ball Bearings points
Completely lubricated 2-Z bearings guarantee perfect running
With mounting parts (screw and nut)
Matching: standard tensioning element (Cat. No. 700625 ff) and zinc plated tensioning component (Cat. No. 700631 ff)
Technical specification
Sprockets: steel St40 / St50
Ball bearing: roller bearing steel with lifetime grease filling, maintenance-free
Mounting screw: zinc plated steel
Nut: zinc plated steel
Temperature range: -20 to +120 °C