The input shaft is linked to the motor and pump wheel, and the output shaft is linked to the carrying out function equipment and the turbine.
fluid coupling

Hydraulic coupling mom mother nature is equivalent to a mixture of every single, centrifugal pump and turbine aspects constrained second assortment coupler include pump wheel and turbine, enter and output shaft, shell and auxiliary location, safety overload protection method (fusible plug, include exclusive explosion-proof explosion-proof plug), and so on.

Fast clarification for the pump wheel is hydraulic coupling in electrical power is transformed to mechanical electricity (enter) liquid kinetic vitality of the areas, the turbine is the coupling of the fluid kinetic electrical power is reworked to mechanical energy output factors.

What is a coupler pump wheel and what is a coupler turbine?

What is the large difference among pump wheel and turbine in a hydraulic coupler?

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