Ever-power styles and manufactures specialty powerful DC motors and will be offering a complete type of controllers to go along with them. Furthermore, we electric motor provide engineering consulting for finish vehicle electrical drive & pump systems. Furthermore, we provide motor testing services if the clients have such a require.
Specialized DC Motors – Specification Range
– From 1-10 HP continuous duty rating
– Up to 25 HP (18.5kW) Peak HP
Body Sizes – Outside Diameter:
– 6.69″ (170mm)
Voltage Range:
From 12V to 72V (higher if required)
Complete range of wound field construction
(Series or Separately Excited).
All Products are produced to meet up class “H” temp. rankings.
Customized electrical drive system performance & style.
If you would like us to quote a customized design please do not hesitate to contact us. Or choose from our already wide range of motors.