Ever-power Helical Couplings, or beam couplings, are another type of flexible coupling enabling axial motion, angular misalignment and parallel offset. This coupling design features one-piece construction resulting in zero backlash. The coupling is manufactured flexible by removing material from the piece in a spiral pattern. Ever-power Helical Couplings are available in aluminum and stainless.

For position accuracy and vibration reduction in a servo program, these couplings solve misalignment issues in response-mandatory servo systems designed for the
semiconductor manufacturing equipment market, scanning equipment and many automation applications. Standard sizes available in bores 3 mm thru 16 mm
Commercial and Accuracy Helical Couplings

Flexible Couplings be capable of compensate for shaft misalignment and so are designed to accommodate various types of load conditions. No-one type of coupling can offer the universal alternative to all coupling problems; therefore many designs are available, each possessing building features to accommodate one or more types of program requirements. Ever-power offers many styles of flexible couplings, such as for example bellows couplings, helical couplings, Oldham couplings, universal joints, and flexible shafts
Precision Flexible Antivibration Couplings

Commercial & Precision Flexible Couplings

Ever-power Bellows Couplings are flexible couplings made to accommodate numerous kinds of load conditions. Ever-power Hi-Flex Bellows Couplings are utilized for applications which require large amounts of shaft misalignment coupled with low resultant radial loads on the bearings. Ever-power Modular Bellows Couplings are configurable and offer high torsional rigidity for high velocity torque transmission. A multitude of bore sizes and combinations can be found to accommodate specific needs.

Versatile Shafts are also offered by Ever-power and may be substituted in place of more costly gear trains and universal joints in applications where the load must be moved in lots of directions. Versatile Shafts are stiff in torsion and very compliant in bending and lateral misalignments. They are extremely useful where in fact the load is located in a remote position requiring many equipment and shafting combinations. The essential design factors are torque capacity, speed, direction of rotation, bend radii and assistance conditions.
Precision Bellows Couplings