fluid coupling
Fluid couplings
Getting a hugely efficient and reliable push system increases manufacturing and provides peace of mind. Whether you demand fluid couplings or a customized push bundle, Voith is your companion of choice. We help you in gently accelerating your driven device, owing to the hydrodynamic theory, thereby extending the life time of your technique. At the same time, torque is constrained, load sharing is facilitated and torsional vibrations are dampened. The coupling shields the travel method from hurt even below excessive working circumstances, decreasing downtime and ensuring a continuous manufacturing procedure.

Additionally, our travel answers are dependable and especially tailored to every generate program – from specific couplings to comprehensive push line solutions. The transmittable energy ranges from 300 W up to 6 MW.
fluid coupling
The hydrodynamic basic principle
Hydrodynamic couplings transmit mechanical electrical power from the motor to the driven device through a flow of fluid. This arises from two bladed wheels getting positioned experience to confront. The main wheel (pink) is connected with the motor and acts like a rotary pump, even though the secondary wheel (blue) is linked to the pushed device and functions like a turbine. Power transmission is proportional to the fill stage in the doing work circuit. As a end result of the mechanical separation of the drive and driven sides, the hydrodynamic coupling transfers the energy use-totally free and dampens the torsional vibration and torque shocks in the drive chain simultaneously.
fluid coupling
Energy Assortment
Fastened pace: up to 1850 KW
Variable speed: up to 11000 KW

Speed Range
Mounted speed: 720 RPM – 3600 RPM
Variable velocity: 490 RPM – 3600 RPM

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