[Abstract] Reducers are widely used in daily life, and are used in various mechanical systems in commercial production, such seeing that: automobiles, ships, some heavy machinery and some factory production lines. The range of the reducer is extremely wide, from the transmission of the larger power to the transmission of the exact angle, the reducer can function extremely well. The internal framework of the reducer is a range of gears of different specifications. By interlocking the things, the quickness insight from the input shaft can be reduced, and the swiftness can be reduced to the mechanised device through the output shaft, and the velocity can become noticed. . This paper generally research the common errors of the reducer and lists several effective solutions.

The main function of the reducer is to convert the power and provide the right power for the mechanical operation. When the reducer works, it primarily relies on the gear conversion acceleration of different sizes, and finally the engine shaft swiftness gets to the required range, and a big torque mechanism is normally acquired. In the current useful program, the reducer is utilized to transmit mechanised quickness and convert mechanical power, and the software of the reducer is certainly more and more prevalent. In the production process of general commercial enterprises, the rate transformation and deceleration of the reducer are primarily used to recognize the rate transformation of different mechanised gadgets. Therefore, once the failing of the reducer will seriously affect the creation activities of the business, it is certainly very essential to make accurate judgments for the failing of the reducer and also to find a solution to assure the normal operation of numerous devices.

1 Reducer common failure
1.1 Parts high temperature leaking
In order to enhance the functioning efficiency of the reducer, most reducer producers choose non-ferrous components to produce the turbine of the reducer, and the materials for manufacturing the worm is the harder steel. This causes the reducer to continuously stroke and glide between the parts during the functioning process, which creates a lot of temperature, and because the materials of the inner parts of the reducer are different, the level of thermal growth of the materials is normally different, so that the original appropriate gap between the parts It turns into smaller sized and continuously wears out friction. At the same time, the lubricating oil between the parts is also affected by the heat rise, and the focus becomes slim, producing in essential oil leakage failure of the reducer.

1.2 Turbine wear failure
The components used to make the worm equipment are generally non-ferrous metals, such as tin bronze alloy, and the worm is made of 45 steel, and in order to ensure the hardness, it will be quenched and its hardness can reach HRC45-55. When the reducer is usually in normal operation, the worm offers a high hardness, which causes long lasting friction with the turbine during operation, producing in severe put on of the turbine. Since the turbine and the worm are essential elements of the reducer, the put on of the turbine can result in a shortened support existence of the reducer. In addition to the turbine and worm hardness mismatch, the turbine use and rip, the reducer application and model, the reducer working time and the load during the operation of the reducer will generate different levels of wear on the turbine of the reducer.

1.3 Drive small helical equipment wear
This type of failure generally occurs in vertical reducer equipment, which is due to certain problems in the type and amount of lubricant. When installing the vertical reducer, the staff will add a specific amount of lubricant to the inside. When the reducer is normally managed for a period of period, due to the intake of lubricating oil or leakage, the lubrication of the parts of the reducer is missing. When the velocity reducer stops working, the lubricating oil will steadily drop to the bottom level of the reducer due to gravity. When the acceleration reducer begins again, the higher part of the equipment or other parts lacks the protection of lubricating oil, which is normally more serious. Use and tear. In this method, not really just will the lifestyle of the reducer be reduced, but also additional complications will take place due to friction between the parts.

1.4 Worm bearing damage
In the practice of failure of the reducer, actually if the covered box is well shielded, the gear oil might be emulsified, resulting in damage, corrosion and corrosion of the bearing. This is definitely because the dampness generated by the sudden cooling of the gear oil during the china pulleys procedure of the reducer is usually agglomerated.

2 Effective method to solve the problem of reducer
2.1 Improve the working environment
The working environment will have a very large impact on the operating efficiency of the reducer. Dirt and fine contaminants in the operating environment of the reducer will enter the inside of the machine through the space of the reducer housing. Since there are many viscous chemicals such as lubricating oil inside the reducer, these little contaminants will adhere to the lubricating oil after entering. When the machine is usually functioning, it will become sent to all parts of the reducer as the gear rotates, which will lead to an increase in the friction of the reducer parts, and eventually the gear unit will breakdown. Consequently, in order to make sure the regular procedure of the reducer, the personnel should pay interest to the operating environment of the reducer. Specifically in some dusty working environments, a protecting cover can end up being added to the reducer casing regarding to actual needs to reduce the particles entering the machine and prevent dust from getting into the machine, which affects the stable procedure of the machine. . In addition, if the operating environment of the reducer is certainly fairly severe, after the daily function is definitely completed, it is definitely necessary to clean and check the reducer in time, mainly to clean the dirt attached to the body of the decrease equipment to prevent the dust and impact the reducer. Normal procedure ensures steady procedure of the reducer.

2.2 Improve the machining precision of the reducer
The common faults of the reducer also include the oil leakage of the chassis. The fundamental issue can be generally caused by the problem of engineering accuracy in the manufacturing procedure of the reducer. Therefore, when the reducer fails, the maintenance employees can trim the machining precision and improve the machining accuracy of the reducer. Initial of all, in order to prevent essential oil leakage in the framework, the joint between the higher and lower casings of the machine should end up being ground to make sure that the casing of the casing can be tightly engaged; second, in the process of setting up the higher and lower casings of the reducer, a joint should be placed at the joint of the casing. The sealing remove can be then coated with a level of sealant on the joint to form a closed continuous apron, which effectively eliminates the essential oil leakage on the container surface area and guarantees the reliability of the procedure of the reducer.

2.3 Improve the set up quality of the reducer
The unreasonable installation phase of the reducer is one of the biggest causes of the current failure of the reducer. As a result, the organization should pay out interest to the set up procedure of the reducer to ensure the dependability of the reducer. First of all, in the procedure of installation of the reducer, advanced measuring equipment should end up being fully utilized to reinforce the detailed inspection of the parts and the dimensions of the parts of the reducer and the precision of the joint parts. For example, check the joints of the top and lower cabinets. The verticality and level between the shaft, the shaft and the bearing and the threshold between the gears; secondly, the installation and inspection strength of the reducer should be improved, and the functionality should become examined before starting up. For example, the bolts at the connection component of the reducer appear loose, and should end up being reinforced in period. At the same time, the vibration degree of the reducer is usually reduced by effective inspection, and the operation impact of the reducer is normally improved to some extent. These tasks can effectively assurance the quality of the reducer set up and place a solid basis for the clean operation of the reducer.

2.4 Specification of installation and fix practices
In order to assure the installation or repair quality of the reducer, the company needs to buy the parts in person, and in the process of disassembling and installing the worm, the worm wheel and the bearing, try to avoid using a hammer and other tools to directly strike, so as not to affect the cooperation between these parts. tolerance. When replacing parts, pay interest to the components that match the mechanical model. In the process of putting together the result bearing, it is usually necessary to pay interest to the mutual complementing of the threshold ideals. When D≤50mmeters, H7/k6 is normally adopted; when M>50mm, H7/meters6 is normally used. At the same period, it is certainly necessary to make use of reddish Dan essential oil and anti-adhesive agent to achieve the purpose of protecting the hollow shaft, and to avoid the use and rust of the parts to a certain level, which is definitely beneficial for disassembly and set up during maintenance.

In overview, many businesses need to use reducers in the creation procedure. Nevertheless, due to several factors, the reducer frequently offers different flaws during operation, which significantly affects the security and reliability of the reducer. It also affects the production efficiency and product quality of the company. At this period, it is usually required for the management and maintenance staff to perform on-site inspections on a regular basis, and to find out the trigger of the failure of the reducer, and instantly offer related maintenance and maintenance to avoid influencing the normal production procedure.