ZLYJ series reducer is certainly a gear transmission device which

specially created for plastic and rubber screw extruder in

high precision of hard gear with thrust package.The product

design is refer to the specialized specification of JB/T8853-

2001 “Cylindrical equipment reducer”.

The feature is both gear and shaft parts use the high

strength alloy steel materials. The processing technic can be

including carburization, quenching and equipment grinding. The

precision is GB10095-88, 6 arcminute and the gear hardness

is HRC54~62. There can be a sizable thrust bearing in front end

of the hollow output shaft, it can sustain the axial thrust

during the working. This Gearbox And Reducer For Rubber And Plastic Industry machine provides many advantages , such

as small volume, high loading capacity, stable transfer motion,

lower noise and high efficiency.