The EP-45 engine gearboxes are maintenance-free, compact drive units for operating ventilation, display and flap ventilation systems in greenhouses and livestock houses. The EP-45 motor gearboxes are designed to work at ambient temps between 0 and 60 °C.

All EP-45 engine gearboxes include a self-braking worm gear transmission. The EP- engine gearbox’s self-braking worm gear transmission ensures that the output shaft is certainly braked when the drive unit is stopped. The combination of cautiously matched pinion and worm reductions results in an exceedingly quiet mechanical transmission.

The EP-45 engine gearboxes include a patented integrated linear limit-switch system with duty and safety MOTOR WORM GEARBOXES FOR GREENHOUSE GW80 CHAIN COUPLING switches having excellent switching precision. The maximum switching range of the limit-switch program compatible 97 revolutions of the drive shaft. The optional RPU PositioningUnit accurately monitors the current placement of a drive program and transmits this data back to your climate pc or controller. This placement feedback may also be accomplished using an installation set with a potentiometer.

The EP-45 motor gearboxes are finished with a graphite grey powder coating and so are supplied including fixing bolts and spring washers.