Multi-standard high-quality grinding rack


Multi-standard high-quality standards for grinding racks:
         1. The raw material is good. Forged steel is used as raw material. After quenching and tempering, the rigidity is good and the performance is stable.
         2, the size of the meticulous milling, grinding, to ensure that the dimensions, verticality and finish.
         3. All the gearing equipment is CNC equipment, including CNC gear shaping machine, CNC milling machine, CNC gear grinding machine, and CNC broaching machine. To ensure the accuracy of tooth shape, the lowest national standard 7 machine, grinding teeth up to the national standard 5.
         4. Our company has a 1.5-meter CNC drilling machine, and the hole pitch is guaranteed within 0.2mm. We have molds for each kind of modular racks, and have the same standard, which greatly facilitates the installation of customers.
         5, professional quenching and heat treatment equipment plus a perfect quenching process to ensure the hardness of the hard tooth surface rack, so that the rack more durable and more torque.
         6, professional straightening equipment to ensure the straightness of the factory rack, allowing customers to ensure more accurate equipment, installation is more convenient.


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