JCF group of parallel shaft – helical equipment motor

Model: 37 ~ 177

Ratio: 3.77 ~ 267.77

Input Power: 0.12 ~ 250kW

Output Torque: 3.5 ~ 56845N.m

Highly modularized and optimized design concept, using advanced computer finite element analysis technology, using unique low-noise gear tooth design, to ensure the advanced nature of the look; transmission ratio good grading, with thousands of different combinations, can be different combinations, is usually to meet the various needs of users; essential casting of the package, small size, carrying capacity, smooth transmission, low sound, the product is suitable for regular start and positive and negative occasions. To FMC flexible manufacturing unit processing, to accomplish high-precision products, maintenance-free operation. More a double-type geared Parallel Shaft – Helical Gear Motor engine (the input side to set up a helical gear reducer), locking disk, spline hollow shaft, B14 flange and various other combinations.