Double-toothed sprockets can be found either in full or in two tooth steps. Full tooth methods are double-toothed to planetary gearbox ensure that only part of the tooth is used effectively. The advantage is that when the chain is exchanged the so far unutilised teeth can be used after that, and the sprockets can stay in the system.

In order to raise the life cycle of a chain drive a lot more, sprockets can be manufactured with fifty percent tooth steps. With every rotation the chain joints move one tooth ahead in the meshing. This reduces the wear of the chain and the tooth edges. This kind of toothing is frequently used when, due to the respective design, just minor deflections can be realised.

Our sprockets and plate sprockets are made of C 45, stainless steel, and special materials with a material strength of between 500 N/mm² and 600 N/mm². Apart from hardened toothing, we also supply surface treated types.

Dual pitch roller chains are manufactured according to the respective order and customers’ specifications.

On demand we supply sprockets with:

Bore and grove
Tapped and pin holes for bore
Tapped and pin holes for bore upon pitch circle
Slot holes on hub and hole circle