Precision grade JIS grade N9 (JIS Plastic Screw Gears B1702-1: 1998) * JIS quality 5 (JIS B1702: 1976)


portion of gear Normal plane

Gear teeth Standard complete depth


pressure angle 20°

Helix angle 45°

Material Acetal Acetal is definitely a stable plastic material with inherent self-lubricating properties that can be enhanced with lubricating fillers.

Delrin Delrin is an engineered plastic material with a good combination of toughness, stiffness, put on and abrasion level of resistance, and low frictional characteristics.

Nylon Nylon, comprising many grades of polyamides, is a general-purpose materials in wide make use of. It is tough and resistant and provides good pressure ratings.

Polycarbonate Polycarbonate is an extremely difficult polymer that can be machined to close tolerances. Lubrication is sometimes needed, as the put on properties of polycarbonate aren’t as good as various other polymers.

Other Plastic Other unlisted or specialized polymers or plastic components.