Each custom-designed Ever-Power drive shaft may include a telescoping shaft, yokes (tube, shaft, tractor and implement), cross and bearing kits, and a guard. Whether used within machinery itself or for ability take off, a wide array of design choices, including telescoping, high quickness and double telescoping, ensure an ideal match to every request. Ever-Power’s patented Easy Lock safeguard system works extremely well to cover the travel shaft with easy and quick removal and replacement.
Our models of PTO drive shafts, overload and overrunning clutches and tractor attachment systems point the way ahead.
Ever-Power offers ranked among the world’s leading producers and continuously developed all their elements further. Today, the travel shaft created by Ever-Power is composed of components with the highest quality which can be configured so that they can meet all required requirements perfectly. Our goods are suited to applications which range from small, economical alternatives utilised in standard applications to high-efficiency combinations designed for continuous employ and needed to deliver optimum drive power. We offer different series that are suited to different application profiles.
The drive shaft collection, with numerous kinds of profiles and components, is made to ensure user safeness and machine reliability and satisfies the precise kinematic requirements of every kind of agricultural machinery.

By integrating the mechanical and hydraulic elements with electronic machine control and managing, Industries satisfies the necessity of modern agriculture that requirements increasingly complicated and technologically evolved machinery.
The drive shaft collection, with various types of profiles and components, is made to ensure user safety and machine reliability and meets the precise kinematic requirements of each kind of agricultural machinery.

By integrating the mechanical and hydraulic factors with electronic equipment control and management, Industries satisfies the necessity of contemporary agriculture that demands increasingly complex and technologically evolved machinery.
Our patented coupling system C Line is the result of our understanding and development. It permits easy coupling and uncoupling of the PTO travel shaft. The cover offers the user more ease because of its ergonomically and small form. The users’ protection is confident, because he can’t obtain entangled in protruding parts of the yoke. There is also fewer dirt present at handling and there will be fewer difficulties linked with it.
We designed, especially for our clients, a protective cone which is flexible and enables easier handling while coupling the PTO on the tractor or perhaps working machine. The adaptable cone offers additional convenience when coupling the PTO, because you can get a good grip in the limited shaft space.
Our PTO drive shafts enable an individual convenient maintenance. The greasing nipples on common crosses are positioned under angle to enable the user better access. Easier access is also possible because of the adaptable cone. We paid attention to the wishes of our clients and located the greasing nipple at wide-angle PTO’s in to the cross bearing. The other novelty, we introduced with wide-angle PTO drive shafts is in brand greasing. We wanted to additionally PTO Drive Shaft simplify the protection and expand the lifespan of joints.
Inside our company we are aware of the value of the users’ protection. A key factor for safeness assurance is the accession in the items’ development phase. By all means, the users’ knowledge about the correct make use of a PTO travel shaft is vital. This means, that each users’ duty is certainly to read and follow the safe practices instructions.
The quality of products is for all of us and for our customers of high significance. We likewise perform constant control of incoming materials and the control of done products. In our company we function according to ISO 9001.
Take note the bearing diameter, cap-to-cap overall size, and snap band type.
Gauge the bearing cap diameter. The majority of u-joints possess uniform cap diameters. (Cap diameters may differ among Continuous Velocity drivelines). Assess all caps.
Measure the cross-package width, cap to cap duration: the u-joint, end of cap to end of cap. You’ll receive the most correct measurement for discovering the right PTO shaft by removing the cross-package from the yokes.