Rack manufacturers’ machining accuracy analysis

In the process of rack machining, due to a variety of reasons, the surface roughness is different, which results in errors. Let’s follow the rack manufacturers and look at the specific causes of errors in rack machining:
        1. The precision of the machine tool transmission chain is not high. During the operation of the machine tool, multiple vibrations or shocks occur, affecting the stability of the machine’s transmission.
        2. The worktable spindle is not in compliance with the condition of the cone guide surface of the worktable shell, the surface of the cone guide is too hard, and the worktable rotates heavily. Vibration is generated during operation. Causes errors in processing.
        3, let the knife mechanism work is not normal, back knife scraping on the surface of the workpiece.
        4, sharp tooth grinding sharpening.
        5, the feed is too large, causing the toothed knife to cut the rack is not timely, resulting in a rough surface of the rack
        6, the rack blank installation can not rely on, cutting vibration.
        7, the cutting fluid dirty rack, rack machining error analysis or into the cutting slot.


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