The progress of gear rack manufacturers to process gear rack

First, the rack manufacturers introduce the main features of the rack
        1. The same pitch and modulus are on any straight line parallel to the top line.
        2. Since the tooth profile of the rack is a straight line, each point on the tooth profile has the same pressure angle and is equal to the inclination angle of the tooth profile. This angle is called the tooth profile angle and the standard value is 20°.
        3. A straight line parallel to the top line of the tooth and having a tooth thickness equal to the width of the tooth slot is called a dividing line (middle line). It is a reference line for calculating the size of the rack.
Second, rack manufacturers a brief description of the process of generating racks
Manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy. 60%-80% of social wealth comes from the manufacturing industry. Under the pattern of economic globalization, competition in the international market is extremely fierce, and China’s manufacturing industry has shifted to the world’s manufacturing base. In actual production, to complete the processing of a part, it is usually necessary to cooperate with multiple types of work such as milling, heat treatment, and milling, and the most basic and most extensive type of work is the turner. However, when the lathes are processed, many parts need to be matched. At this time, lathe racks are needed.
        Third, rack manufacturers rack parameters selection
        1. Whether the installation distance after gears and racks are installed is appropriate.
        2. Whether the rack has full teeth depth, beating, and common line, especially toothed, is qualified.
        3, The beating of the gear, the full tooth depth, the common normal line, the tooth direction are qualified, one tooth swing, circle diameter if over the tolerance.


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